USA in Prophecy

When taking into consideration this chapter, the dear readers will be able to understand quickly the importance and significance of the crucial role of the most glorious nation ever upon the face of the Earth on regards to the fulfillment of God’s purpose.

When we speak of the United States as the most extraordinary nation (not the most pompous, for this title belongs to Rome) we are making reference to its government and the rightful principles found in its Constitution. We commend you to make an unbiased break down of this subject matter, free of any political prejudice.

So far we have proven that the United States was founded by Christ, and that has fulfilled perfectly the prophecy of the escape of the woman to the wilderness(Revelation 12:14-17). If we take away the government of the United States and its people from this prophecy, where else could we find the fulfilment of this prophecy? No doubts about it: The prophecy of the woman who fled into thewilderness is allusive to this land, which was a deserted and wild territory by the time the Pilgrims arrived to protect their Lutheran, Calvinist, Protestant faith, which is evangelical.

It is within an evident religious background that the woman was raised in America, fulfilling in a very impressive and precise way the prophecy of Revelation 12:14-17. No one will find any other fulfilment for this prophecy by the light of the Scripture.

Let us review the qualified arguments on which we establish the foundations for our prophetic assertion: How can it be possible to overlook the fact that the United States government with its Constitution has been the greatest and most determining factor to make possible the spreading of the Gospel if not because of Christ’s intervention?

No doubts at all! America is the most suitable scenario where the Third Angel (that is, this movement which is represented by me) will nourish and sustain thewoman for about three years and a half (42 months, 1,260 days, which represents “a time, and times and half a time” according to prophecy).

As we have proven previously in this writing, there is no other place on earth where this important prophecy could be fulfilled. Now, let us review and see the distinctive characteristics of this nation to prove that the United States is indubitably the country that fulfills the prophecy. This nation, through its Constitution, has been mostly responsible of allowing us to preserve this excellent concept of the Gospel. No doubts about it. It is the Gospel the sign that will distinguish the remnant, as it is written by Paul in his epistle to the Ephesians, chapter 1, verse 13:

(13) “In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise.”

The expression “with the holy Spirit of promise” must be clearly understood in its correct linguistic translation as saying, ” by the Holy Spirit of Promise”. The Holy Spirit is not a seal, for the seal in Scripture represents ideology-as depicted on Revelation 14:9-10:

(9) “…If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,
(10) the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God…”

It is clearly inferred that “the mark” is not a literal stamp or emblem on the flesh that works like a sort of license plate or ID. The forehead is a symbol of the mind-in which the ideas of the Beast (the Pope and the Council of Trent) are intended to be bound, and whoever welcomes and accepts such concepts is sealed for hell, for it is an unlawful act to pretend to save oneself through his own personal righteousness, as it is written: “Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight…” (Romans 3:20).

Therefore, there should not be the slightest trace of doubt that these passages present a clear allusion to the Catholic ideas which pretend to establish that man is saved through his deeds, and this leads man into perdition because salvation is granted for free and it can solely be attained by faith in Christ our Savior-as Martin Luther emphatically declared in his days. By the way, Roman Catholics, through the declarations of Pope John the 23th declare Luther a son of thebeast and Americans as the offspring of the beast ! For they say that the Americans are sons of Luther. And they dare to call him “the Good Pope”! John the 23 rd accuses America of being the beast when it is he (the Papacy) the truebeast of Daniel 7!

My dear fellow citizens of America, I shall declare unto you the purpose and fulfilment of my prophetic duty with an open heart: To warn America that you are about to face your worst crisis in history. Most of the governments of the East have in mind to take control of this country in order to neutralize and obstruct this nation in its function as channeling agent of the Gospel. This is the way they will pretend to thwart and obstruct the work of the Third Angel, who represents God’s last attempt to achieve His final and salvational purpose. The Lord has revealed recently in direct conversation to me, your servant and final chair master of this world, that what I have just declared unto you is about to be accomplished sooner than what you might expect.

I must warn you: The Pope, through the churches allied to Rome in principle (according to their ideological likeness) and those agencies closely linked to the Vatican (as the Opus Dei and the Masons) are attempting (as they have always attempted) to subdue and take control of America’s government, for America has become Rome’s most formidable obstacle to achieve their ultimate goal: The world’s despotic dominion.

You are, in this very moment, receiving the most accurate and trustworthy revelation from the Lord. No one who dares to ignore this warning will have a valid excuse to justify their negligence before God’s Tribunal. This is a fact: God’s people have always been a minority throughout history, and now there is no exception. But, though Catholicism has a vast majority, the true strength and power will be on our side, for there is no greater strength or power than the one we-true evangelicals-possess, which is a clear and unequivocal concept of the truth and righteousness.

It is quite noticeable the fact that Roman Catholicism-with headquarters in Vatican City-is composed of two main groups who work stealthily behind the scenes at a world-wide scale. These two groups are competing against each other for the Papal Throne (and he who sits there has never had any real authority to make decisions in the Vatican, but is a mere figure who plays the role of Vicar of Christ puppetted by these two powers: The Opus Dei and their rivals, the Masons). Both powers are well aware that a world dominion is possible, and at their reach, if they keep on their side the Pope and most of the Roman Curia. This is the reason why there is a fierce and constant struggle going on within Vatican City. As we have declared previously in this chapter, there is just one obstacle they must surpass in their frenzied race in order to fulfill their longings of world dominion: The United States of America and its Constitution. For this, the Roman Catholic hierarchy counts on a careful selection of elite groups, which have gained enough strength as to become growing tentacles that will overtake the whole world-among others these are the Opus Dei, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Knights of Columbus, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

This warning call by part of God comes to the people of the world, but specially to the United States, through this small movement of the Third Angel. We are just a few and poor, but counting with the absolute assistance and support of God. This will be clearly evidenced at this end of times, for we have reached the last week or the final seven years of existence for this world.

Christ has declared unto me, your servant, that I am the last witness foretold on Revelation 11, who will be fiercely persecuted and killed by Rome according to what is written on verse 7 of the alluded chapter. But just as the First Witness (Christ), I will rise again from the dead and will overcome the prince of this world (who is Lucifer), and I shall return with Christ in His Second Coming to establish God’s Eternal Kingdom upon the face of the Earth (be sure to read Revelation 11:15).

It is then evident that the stage for this final conflict will be the United States of America, for the Vatican and its subsidiary entities have already achieved control and dominion over the rest of the world. The alliances made by this beastly power along with other religious groups around the world so coadunate or strengthen more and more as time goes by. Today this power is in control of Central and South America, and most of the Middle and even the Far East. We repeat, its greatest obstacle is the United States of America, which is the primary target of the Triple Alliance foretold on Revelation 16. This Alliance is working hard and steady to conquer this nation, for they know that if they succeed they would have conquered the whole world, and that which was declared by Jesus will be fulfilled precisely and exactly: “…for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me” (John 14:30).

Indubitably, the United States of America is the woman who fled into thewilderness of Revelation 12:14-17! Therefore, we must emphatically reject any pretension by part of Vatican City on which they claim that they are that womanwho escaped to the wilderness -neither history nor the Scripture supports their claim. Rome is the archenemy of the woman !

Dear readers, follow the advice of the great apostle to the Gentiles, who said:“Awake thou that sleepest… and Christ shall give thee light.” It is now time to take off the veil from ours eyes and see what this Roman power truly is and intends to do, which is to conquer the whole world through their so-called “peace”, but which is more truly a stealthy war. We are not standing merely in front a religious power, but of a highly cunning and deceitful power which pretends to obtain the full control of the whole world. Remember this always: Deception, in order to become effective, it must masquerade itself with piety. Let us read the following:“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, (. . .) traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof…” (2 Timothy 3:2, 4-5).

Do not overlook nor belittle this final ministry God has sent in order to clarify all things, for you are involved in this conflict whether you choose it or not. And because you must confront this reality we commend you to acquire knowledge in order to allow you to make the right choice and join the party of God. Let God help you! This is the dearest wish for you by part of this prophet who constitutes the Second Witness of history.

At the end of this topic we can clearly see and understand that the escape of thewoman into the wilderness is the escape of the Pilgrims to the United States on the first days of the settlement. Remember that the woman escapes into thewilderness , which is a clear allusion to the birth of this nation when it was still a depopulate land. Therefore, reject the Catholic and Adventist pretentious lie!

The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the woman who is persecuted by the serpent in the wilderness but this prophecy-which is in an eschatological and final context-belongs to these latter days. Being accurate and placing ourselves at the right moment in time, we find out that such is not the woman but the beastwhich persecutes the woman into the wilderness , as we have clearly proven. Or, is it not an overt fact that Rome has gained strength at a raging speed in America?

Neither we should consider the Adventist Church, for this organization came about as a result of the Great Disappointment of 1844, a time when the United States was already a full-grown nation and was not no longer an unhabitatedwilderness . It is also evident that the eagle which represents the United States of America is the symbol given to the fleeing woman . Adventist pretend to found their claim in the expression: “who keep the commandments of God” , as pretending to say that those who keep the commandments are only the Sabbath keepers. How ridiculous! Bear in mind that every thing God demands is a commandment of God, and God has commanded us to depend of Christ, acknowledging the Gospel as the Spirit of prophecy, this is the true essence of all preaching (Revelation 19:10).

How can it be possible for the Adventists to be the remnant of the woman when they neither understand nor preach the Gospel? (Be sure to read the article “1888: Its problems, consequences and lessons ” by Robert W. Olson from The Adventist Ministry Magazine -May-June-, pg. 5-13). Notice the following assertion once declared by the “liberator of conscience”, who is no other than Martin Luther and his glorious feat of the 16 th century. This brother of the Reformation of the Church once declared that the Church is in good-standing if it has possession of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ even when some of its other doctrines might be incorrect; but if the Church, even having all of its other doctrines correct, does not have the Gospel, then it is in total darkness.

In this glorious quote it is clearly pointed out that the Gospel is the most fundamental and preeminent doctrine for the Church to be able to be in good standing before God, but apart from this doctrine there is no other true bond between Heaven and the Church. Therefore, no other ecclesiastical body can claim to be the woman or the remnant without the full knowledge of the Gospel.

In conclusion, the prophecy foretells that it is the United States of America the shelter for the woman , not any religious institution. The emphasis in the prophecy is made in the place on which the woman would settle, who is no other than the Lutheran or Evangelical woman who fled into the wilderness after being persecuted by the Catholics in England. It is at this final stage or national shelter (which is the United States of America) that the Lutheran and Protestant womanwill be gathered and incorporated into God’s Israel to fulfill what was written by Paul the apostle: “and then all Israel shall be saved.” There is no doubt, the United States was formed by the Christ of history to become the last shelter for the people of God (God’s Israel).

Final Notice

Soon, very soon, the Church (the woman ) gathered in the United States will be recognized and clearly distinguished as the ones who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. For this, I, your servant and the Third Angel, will prepare them. So, the Adventists pretended to run away ahead, but I will leave them in the shade for I am indeed the son of God and last anointed chair master in this end of time.