Three Satanic Deceptions

This matter starts in heaven when the second highest ranking angel named Lucifer rebelled against God ( Christ) pretending to be equal to Him. It was written, “You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created till iniquity was found in you” ( Ezekiel 28: 15). There is no doubt Lucifer became, as described by John in the Book of Revelations, ” the great dragon, the ancient serpent called the devil…” ( Revelations 12:9). This is the way the “Mystery of Iniquity” was born.

This evil power acts in our world as the common enemy of God and man. The serpent started its struggle against us, through our representative Adam, in the Garden of Eden. We all know the history of Eden and its fatal consequences. Since Eden, Satan became the prince of this world, and he has been on a persistent and sagacious contest against God’s noble and divine purpose, which is to restore to total health the human race fallen in disgrace. This formidable enemy in his tactical contest against God’s purpose for mankind intends to refrain man from achieving that for which he was called upon through the establishment of a false gospel, hundreds of deceitful doctrines and uses ecclesiastical systems that will help him achieve his wicked goal. To all this cumulus of agents developed throughout history is given the name of the Mystery of Iniquity, whose commander in chief is Satan himself. This evil power has been so succesful in its intentions that Paul declares, “…He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” ( 2 Thessalonians 2: 4). It is amazing how much influence and authority this man of unrighteousness has over the world’s governments.

The great apostle of the Gentiles gives us an advice: Never underestimate Satan’s schemes and deceitful tactics; we must put on the whole armor of God ( Ephesians 6: 11- 13). Satan, through religious institutions, has been able to lead the entire world astray- since the times of Adam to our present end of the age, in which confusion has reached its highest point. The development of this evil mystery has reached the peak of its efficiency. Here’s a chronological analysis about the evolution of this mystery.

Without any doubt the contest between Christ and Lucifer has to do with the fact that our Lord Jesus saved us in history by the method of salvation called the Gospel. This method consist on taking a life worth an infinite value ( Christ’s) and put it in place of the human race to atone all the sins of mankind. This objective method of salvation, which is the only and exclusive one, has been defied by a false subjective method which intends to establish the believer’s deeds as an essential part of the foundation for salvation. Accepting this subjective method miscarries the one and only acceptable way for salvation to attain God’s mercy, and this is our Lord’s Gospel. Therefore, the essence of this Conflict of the Ages is God’s objectivism against Satan’s subjectivism.

Satan turned the Jewish people into a totally subjective nation which depended in their own fulfillment of the Law. Instead of establishing the deeds of the Law as a way that leads towards the Savior, they started to place merits in the deeds accomplished by the so- called practical ” believer”, and as a result the Jewish people became so arrogant and subjective that they missed their own Messiah ( Christ) when he appeared among them, as it was promised in the Scriptures. The result of this ideological metamorphosis was the spreading of subjectivism throughout the entire Hemisphere. Due to the historical fact that the nation of Israel did not fulfilled its commission of teaching the world the clear dependency in the Promised Saviour, the entire world, and in particular the Eastern Hemisphere, got immersed into the rampant subjectivism, which nowadays it finds itself. ” He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive them.” ( John 1: 11). The Eastern Hemisphere, through semitism, is a seven- headed monster that could properly be named ” the Dragon”. This is the first of three satanic deceptions.

Through Rome, Modern Christianity acquired its subjective emphasis, which covers today’s religious world. Rome adopted the anti-evangelical concept of ” faith and deeds”, which was made official during the Council of Trent. Rome became, in ideological terms, Satan’s great success in his quest to stop God’s purpose with man. It is Romanism the second great satanic deception in history. Through Rome, Satan have worked pretty hard and for a long period of time to ideologically destroy the world in an incredible manner, as prophecied by Daniel. There are no arguments against the fact that the beast coming out from the sea in the Book of Revelations is Rome ( Revelations 13: 1).

However, the Mystery of Iniquity had to continue in its evolution to sustain his deceitful effectiveness. It had to continue using the same subjective dog with a different kind of collar. We must pay a close attention to the fact that the second beast of Revelations 13 is an image of the first one ( This second beast is described in verse 11). In chronological terms it is really the third. If we count Judaism as the first great deception in our contemporary history, and Catholicism as the second one, then Pentecostalism is the third. However, being the fact that the last two are very similar and related to each other John describes them as the first and second beasts; one (Pentecostalism) is the image of the other (Catholicism). Both beasts have their meeting point in the so- called Charismatism.

It calls our attention the fact that John describes the first beast as having great authority ( Revelations 13: 2) while the second beast is characterized by its ability of making deceitful miracles. There is no argument against the fact that these two beasts are identifiable with Catholicism and Pentecostalism, respectively, because of their obvious and relevant characteristics. Therefore, here is the following view:

Three great satanic deceptions throughout history


One of the most remarking biblical prophecies is the one regarding the ” Mystery of Iniquity”. Paul wrote on this respect,” …for the Mystery of Iniquity do already work…” ( 2 Thessalonians 2: 7). Within this context the ” Man of Sin” is identified with the Mystery of Iniquity ( verse 3). It is not hard to understand that all this scheme presented by the Apostle regarding this Mystery of Iniquity has its origins in Rome with the establishment of the Papacy, who is the ” man of sin”, ” the wicked” who ” sets himself up in God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be God.” (2 Thessalonians 2: 4). That is the opposing spirit that, with no doubt, Paul describes as masquerading himself as an angel of light or servant of righteousness. Therefore, it must be clearly understood that this Mystery of Iniquity works within the Church and not outside of it.

The Roman power started up the fulfillment of this important prophecy, however, it does not ends with the development and fulfillment of the Catholic might. John points out that this power, ” which made all the nations (denominations) drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.” ( Revelations 14: 8), must be in action by the times of the end. We must be able to understand what Paul is trying to declare in the second chapter of the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians, so to say, the Mystery of Iniquity has its origins in Rome, and has its fulfillment with Pentecostalism, who represents the Protestant Nation in apostasy ( who are the first and second beasts of Revelations 13). In this chapter to the Thessalonians there is a clear reference to the Pope ( verse 3), and subsequently it does to Pentecostalism ( verse 9). This is proven by the obvious relationship of both beasts, which John describes the second beast as the image of the first one in Revelations 13.

The second beast will be examined in this issue. As Martin Luther and the reformers of the past had their intervention against the first beast ( Rome) we will primarily do so with the second one ( The Pentecostal Ideology, which represents the Protestant World in apostasy). In summary, the Mystery of Iniquity points toward Rome and Pentecostalism as leaders of the rest of the religious nations (denominations), which have been intoxicated with” the maddening wine of her adulteries” ( referring to the false gospel of faith with deeds) and a false method of salvation. According to the prophecy written in Revelations 14 verse 8 we can assure the fact that all denominations ( Catholic, Pentecostal, Adventist, Russelist, Baptist, Methodist, Mormons, etc,.) configure that power which is called Babylon the Great, as her offsprings. This clear and simple reality is declared by John in Revelations 3 verse 17 as the Laodicean state of subjectivism, which is also the last stage of the evolution of the universal church. However, it is very necessary to understand its origin in Rome and its completion with the people known by its deceitful signs and miracles ( 2 Thessalonians 2: 9- 10; Revelations 13: 13). Notice the way this so- called power will operate to fulfill its mission of deception, but will end up destroyed by the splendour of the Lord’s Jesus return.

The fulfillment of this prophecy will take about 3 1/2 or so years to be executed counting from these days. When speaking of fulfillment we are referring to a specific fraudulent action or deceitful appearance, and these terms must be distinguished from those actions related to the ideological ” cold war” that have been taking place, through the spreading of subjective dogmas and false concepts which leads people astray. This final action must also be distinguished from those events in history which were figures of the real event to come. This real, dangerous and final event is decisive and constitutes the final chapter of the ” Conflict of the Ages”. The Second Coming of Christ with his saints will conjure the effects of Satan’s action which will trigger the Armageddon, and will end up with the restoration of all things.


The three greatest satanic deceptions, which were evolved throughout history, had been neutralized by God through movements of reformation, unfold during the same time period. These three movements of reformation have been identified in the Scriptures. John writes about these movements in Revelations 14 verses 6 thru 13. Let’s identify these three against three:

Paul and his militant Christian partners battled, in ideological terms, against Judaism ( the first great satanic deception in history) in such manner that Paul declared himself as the destroyer of that subjective and deceitful satanic system ( Galatians 2: 14- 18).

The great Martin Luther was chosen by God to censor and conjure the Catholic teachings. John describes Martin Luther’s feat, ” A second angel followed and said, ` Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations (denominations) drink the maddening wine of her adulteries’.” ( Revelations 14: 8). Precisely, Martin Luther achievement was to give the beast its fatal wound and provoking the fall of Babylon.

In this same manner, WE – The Voice of Reformation, lead by its president and your servant, Luis J. Laborde, from the little island of Puerto Rico had discovered and censor the False Prophet or Pentecostalism and discovered Satan’s greatest strategy of deception of all, as we have said in the past: The execution the so- much promoted Secret Rapture.

We are the ones that possess the completed revelation, which was sealed to Daniel the prophet. We are God’s representatives on Earth, and we are the third angel described by John in Revelations 14 verse 9, “A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice, ` If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives his mark on the forehead, or on his hand ( in terms of worshipping), he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury…” ( Revelations 14: 9- 10). We are the third angel, the final liberation movement which receives the revelation ( God’s reopens the prophecy) which tastes as sweet as honey in our mouths ( the priviledge of our call) but turns sour in our stomachs ( we are object of insults and persecution).

Therefore, stay in touch with us and you will be able to know everything regarding the final events that are about to happen. It is extremely important for you to be alert and receive ( and accept) the final instructions God gives you, through this movement, to be able to prevail during the times of hardship that will be faced upon the earth (Revelations 3:10- 11).

Tres vs. Tres

Estos tres grandes engaños instituidos y desarrollados en la historia de este mundo han sido también combatidos por Dios por medio de tres movimientos instituidos y desarrollados en el mismo período histórico.  Es así como podemos distinguir e identificar los tres grandes movimientos de reforma que la historia registra.  A estos movimientos que llamamos de reforma son a los que Juan alude en su resumen de Apocalipsis 14, versículos 6 al 13.

En este tres vs. tres vemos cómo Pablo y sus compañeros de militancia cristiana lucharon —en términos ideológicos— contra el judaísmo (primer gran engaño de la historia), al extremo de que el apóstol señala que él destruyó ese subjetivista y engañoso sistema que Satanás conquistó y colocó a sus servicios (véase Gálatas 2:14-18 al respecto).

Lo mismo podemos decir del gran Lutero, quien fue levantado por Dios para conjurar las enseñanzas del catolicismo.  De Martín Lutero y su grupo de reformadores es que Juan dice:  “Otro ángel le siguió, diciendo:  Ha caído, ha caído Babilonia, la gran ciudad, porque ha hecho beber a todas las naciones del vino del furor de su fornicación” (Apocalipsis 14:8).  Eso fue precisamente lo que hizo Lutero al infligirle a la bestia su herida mortal, hacer caer a Babilonia.

De igual modo, nosotros, La Voz del Tercer Ángel y este, su presidente y vuestro servidor Luiko de Jesús (Luis J. Laborde Sala), estamos en este tiempo y en esta isla de Puerto Rico descubriendo y denunciando al Falso Profeta o Pentecostalismo y colocando al descubierto el gran engaño final que, como hemos dicho con anterioridad, pretende y va a ejecutar Satanás por medio del Rapto Secreto.

Nosotros, cumpliendo con lo que le fue dicho a Daniel profeta, hemos traído al descubierto este gran engaño final, y en representación de Dios integramos el tercer ángel de Apocalipsis 14:9, que se dirige al pueblo en alta voz para que no se tome la señal de la bestia en la frente y en la mano, en términos adorativos.  Constituimos el movimiento de liberación final mediante el cual Dios abre nuevamente la profecía que hemos “tragado” y nos supo dulce en la boca, pero que nos amarga el vientre (pues somos objeto de escarnio).

Por consiguiente, te decimos que debes mantenerte en contacto con nosotros para que te enteres del gran acontecer final que está por manifestarse.  Es importantísimo que recibas la orientación final que Dios te trae para hacerte prevalecer en el período de probación que habrá de sobrecoger a la tierra (Apocalipsis 3:10-11).

Recordemos que el judaísmo fue destruido por Pablo, pero Satanás ha colocado al islamismo en su lugar; y por eso este grupo de palestinos constituye el “dragón” que se une a Roma y al penteconstalismo formando así la triple alianza de Apocalipsis 16:13.