Manifesto: Our Prophetic Duty

In Memory of Martin Luther

In the memory of the noble struggle of our predecessors, the well-known liberators of the Roman oppression: Saul of better known as Paul; and Martin Luther, also known as “the Warrior of God”; I, Luis J. Laborde, also known as the Prophet for the Year 2000 and successor of the reformers already mentioned, in accordance to my prophetic mission declares the following:

  1. The Catholic Papal System is against the Scriptures, and it is clearly identified as the beastly power that tramples-theologically and ideologically speaking-the earth (say the human race) under its feet. Consequently, and according to the prophecy to Daniel, John identifies this evil power by the name or Babylon, the great city which has given the maddening wine of her adulteries (a gospel of faith plus deeds) to all nations (churches).
  2. The heart of ell the controversy, which began in October 31, 1517 when Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis, consisted of the way Rome interpreted the principle of “the righteousness which is by faith”: Rome teaches that man is saved through deeds of righteousness, and that such righteousness is infused By Grace, establishing grace as an injected substance that works within the believer. Luther proved that man is justified (saved) only by God’s grace in the person of Jesus Christ apart form the believer. Therefore, it has been proven by the light of Romans 4:1-7 that gospel of free grace has been distorted by that beastly power, which is the Church of Rome, fulfilling the prophecies of Daniel and John.
  3. The Word of God (the Bible), in a very clear and precise manner, gives Luther (and to all the reformers of the past) an absolute and astounding victory; and our struggle as reformers intends to vindicate that which has been challenged and distorted by Rome. Our purpose here is to exalt Christ and his righteousness, for the gospel “is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…”. Therefore, we are obliged to uncover and refute the Pope and its Catholic system By the light of the Scriptures, pushing aside all sayings and concepts bound by Rome’s Councils and traditions, which are not in accordance to the Written Word. The Bible is our sole and fundamental source of faith, doctrine and denunciation. If no one can prove to us with the Revealed Word that we are wrong, do not intend to detain us with dull human keenness. Within the ideological-biblical debate we give no respite, therefore we will continue our struggle of awareness in which we are already involved, being committed to our Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ our Righteousness.
  4. Prophetically speaking John foresees the struggle throughout history between Rome and God’s remnant, as described in Revelations 14:6-10. Consequently, I am the Third Angel sent directly to uncover and refute the Catholic authorities around the world through this movement called The Voice of Reformation in order to make them prove with biblical evidence if their concepts are true and trustworthy doctrines. History repeats itself! Paul, Luther, and now Laborde will struggle against the poisonous concept Rome has bound and confirmed through the Council of Trent, which were bound for man’s disgrace. This struggle is commanded by God, therefore, nothing will stop it!
  5. As a result of this crass distortion of the gospel, Rome has inverted the clear biblical valves declared by our Lord Jesus Christ, who said, “Go into all the World and reach the gospel to every creature…”. It is therefore evident Rome’s interposition every time we see the Pope (and all his clergy) preach repeatedly the continuing establishment of this present secular order. Rome has never changed their message. Rome has never been truly interested on spreading the gospel to the world. In this manner, we can easily prove that Rome is an illegitimate church, for as ti was once said by the great reformer Martin Luther, “The Church is in good standing whenever it supports and spreads the gospel which is the righteousness which is through the dependance in Christ. If the Church does not support and proclaim the gospel, the such is in wretched darkness”. The Voice of Reformation supports the spirit of the Reformation Movement of the 16th Century; and we declare Rome anathema (Galatians 1:6-8).
  6. Revelations 13:18 establishes that the number 6 is man’s number; and the Roman Clergy has confirmed this fact through their pagan and human concepts. Whether the Catholic ideology as well as their concepts about the future are in opposition to the biblical teachings; fulfilling this, way the prophecy of Daniel chapter 7 verse 25, which describe a dreadful power that speaks boastful words against the Most High. This way, Rome has conditioned man’s mentality so, when the fullness of the time arrives, the human race rejects the Lord’s directions for His people in order to be able to withstand the great tribulation that will overtake the whole earth. The world has a Catholic mind, filled with distorted ideas that interfere with the reception of these so-necessary and final instructions. Without a doubt, Rome has done an astonishing work of opposition against God. Now, they had change their tactic” from the bloody events of the past-prohibiting even to read the scriptures-to a subtle, cunning ideology which is against the People of God.
  7. Finally, we condemn Rome’s lack of eschatological (final) doctrines. Catholicism has deprived the people of this necessary theology in order to prevail at the end of the Conflict. To such extent, that the Catholic Clergy has not informed the world of that the Second Coming of Christ is at hand! This distortion orchestrated by Rome allows Satan to deceive the people through another movement which is known in the prophecy as the Second Beast of Revelations 13, who are the outspring of Rome better known as Pentecostalism, which have a common goal with Vatican City and preach a false secret rapture, which is not being refuted by Rome, giving evidence of the close spiritual relationship between the Mother Harlot and its daughter.

In Revelations 13 John the prophet points out the second beast was granted to signs and miracles in the sight of the first beast (Rome). If we acknowledge the fact that this is a fulfilled prophecy through the Charismatic Movement, originally composed of Catholics attracted to the Pentecostal style; then, we must reach one conclusion: Rome prepared the way so its daughter (Pentecostalism) could achieve the death blow through its Secret Rapture. This cunning historical structure is a desperate move by part of the lord of these churches (Roman and Pentecostal), who is no other than Christ’s former lieutenant, the prince of darkness, the ancient serpent, their leader the devil.


The true movements described on Revelations 14 had never retreated in their main objective. The apostle Paul declared, “For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth” (2 Corinthians 13:5); Martin Luther declared at the Diet of Worms, “I cannot betray my own conscience: If yo are not able to prove with the Word that I am wrong; then, I reaffirm My sayings-no matter the outcome. If God protects my life, no one can take it away from me; and if God does not do so, what is it good for?” In these last days Laborde declares, “Truth is above all men; it is neither optional, nor negotiable.”

By the authority the Lord has bestowed on me, I declare the Pope and the Roman Catholic system heretics, and remember this; The end is near, and with the end comes the unavoidable death of this evil system. We expect their counter reaction, or perhaps, the people’s reaction.

Luis J. Laborde ( Luiko of Jesus )
Prophet for the Final Days
Son of God