The Reason why we have changed our name

The different names, by which every one of us is known, being it as individuals or as a collectivity, must be conformed according to our functional goals and perspectives, which lead towards an ultimate and final purpose.

The foundation of this ecclesiastical group by the decade of the 70s brought as a result slanderous attacks by part of the Adventist Church, who accused us of being rebellious against the so-called Church authority, who capriciously established that lay people had no rights to express any theological opinion as doctrinal standpoints. How absurd! It is like pretending to say that such prolific biblical writers as Paul, Peter and John had to be part of the clergy of any established religious institution as a pre-requisite to receive a call from Christ! But it is more than evident that Christ himself called them and bestowed them with authority to become from laymen to chosen members of the church ministry according to what is written in Ephesians 4:11. Let me ask this to the Adventist clergymen: What came first, the egg or the hen? Did the egg laid the hen or the hen laid the egg? There are no eggs without a hen to lay them! One more question: What becomes the “hen” who lays the “church ministerial eggs”, a human religious institution as the Adventist church or a Divine call from the Lord Jesus?

Just as Christ ordained and bestowed with authority the apostles to preach the Gospel, I, your servant, has been ordained and bestowed also. As an evidence of this, I present to the general public my true credentials – which are not ID cards with a name and address wrapped in plastic; these are not my favorites for they are mere institutional legacies – but the fact that I am in possession of the Truth, and this not granted by men but by God himself! For this truth has been revealed to me, not by blood and flesh, but by my Father which is in Heavens. In other words, my credentials are as those as Peter’s: “Blessed are thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.”

In honor to the great biblical reality hereby exposed, I named my first ecclesiastical group The Biblical Brotherhood of Laymen in Christ, and under this name we began to spread the Word by means of many writings and homiletical presentations (preachings), fulfilling this way our primary duty, that is (and will always be), to preach God’s chosen method for the salvation of our souls. What is really important is not the way our name sounds, but to fulfill God’s will, which is to preach at all times the Gospel, and it is within the background of the Gospel that we teach the sound doctrines God has determined to be revealed for these final days.

Some years later and in virtue to the emphasis God instructed us to do in order to fulfill the prophecy of Revelations 14:9-12, we acquired a new name on March 1985, by which we are most commonly known: The Voice of Reformation.

However, we shifted our direction towards the fulfillment of another prophecy (Revelations 12:17), for we are the chosen ones to nourish and sustain the woman in the wilderness (meaning, the United States of America). Therefore, it is our intent to execute God’s orders. This meant the acquisition of the third and final name in the history of our movement. The Lord himself has declared unto me that we must adopt this final name, which is necessary in order to introduce the new focus we now have in perspective. The Lord said to me, “My dear son Luiko, you now preside, by God’s determination, the final movement that will fulfill history, and you must call it: The Voice of the Third Angel. Speaking in biblical terms, the third angel is the last evangelical emphasis declared by the Scripture. You and your feat will set the stage for my second coming, for you are the one who will gather the People of Israel (meaning, the spiritual Israel composed of Jews and Gentiles). That will be the name by which your group shall complete this crucially important mission prior to my second coming. Notice how I have protected and preserved that name not allowing anyone else to obtain its copyrights. Only you and your people will be known by this name with full legal rights, for you are indeed the legitimate owners of this name”.

Let me point out that just as Jesus the Christ did to His disciples, He has done to me, that is, He has to change my earthly name for that of LUIKO OF JESUS. Throughout my entire life I have been known as Luis J. Laborde Sala, who was born in Hatillo (Puerto Rico) on September 7th, 1930. However, the Lord has said to me, “Now that you are aware of the fact that you are a pre-existent son of Mine, that you have been sent to execute this determined mission, now, you are able to fully understand why it urges me for you to introduce yourself to the world as LUIKO OF JESUS, which literally means, “The warrior of Jesus”, to be specific, “The warrior of salvation”. For more than 30 years you have been defending My Name and My Teachings, and you have never shown any signs or inclinations of exchanging my truth for the sake of worldly material gains of any kind. I am very pleased and proud to declare that you are indeed My son, for you have always been willing to follow my steps. – What father does not feel proud of having a son who follows his steps? Do you understand why I want you to introduce yourself to the world with the name you will be known for eternity? I know in fact that you are so obedient, as you have always been that you will fulfill your mission. Therefore, your name will no longer be Luis J. Laborde, but LUIKO OF JESUS. Congratulations, my dear son!”