Our Flag

The field of the flag of the Voice of the Third Angel has five (5) colors: white, sky blue, red, green and gold.

The design of this flag was inspired by God to Luiko of Jesus (Prophet and Son of God) in 2001 within an eschatological background.

WHITE represents purity.  With this color there is a lamp sitting upon the island of Puerto Rico, for it is from this island (Puerto Rico) that the final prophetic message will come out to the world.  This is, it is in Puerto Rico from which the last callas and final revelation of God’s truth will be completed, and this will happen through Luiko of Jesus.

SKY BLUE represents heaven.

RED represents the blood of Christ which was shed on our behalf for the remission of our sins.

GREEN represents hope…

GOLD forms the cross, which denotes the Lord’s ranking as the highest.