Mission of Luiko of Jesus

Mr. Luiko of Jesus (a.k.a. Luis J. Laborde) has been chosen by God to become His last and final prophet.  His mission is to prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ, just as John the Baptist did prior to the Jesus first appearance of Jesus on earth.  His mission has two main purposes:  To preach the Eternal Gospel of the kingdom to the whole world (Matthew 24:14) and to rescue the people of God which has been captive in Babylon (meaning, religious confusion), fulfilling this way the prophecies on Revelations 14:9 and 18:4.  In order to achieve these goals, Luiko of Jesus has been preaching with clarity to the world the fact that all religious denominations have drunk of the maddening wine of the false gospel of faith plus works of Roman Catholicism (Revelations 18:3).

This fornicated gospel introduces the false concept that believer’s deeds are worthy enough to acquire salvation before God’s eyes, which pretends to say that men can present themselves before the Lord with their own righteousness to be saved by their “good conduct”.  Luiko of Jesus speaks always according to the Scriptures—just as Paul the apostle and Luther the reformer did in their lifetime he speaks and speak the same language by declaring that righteous by faith shall live (Romans 1:7).  No human will ever be reconciled before God’s eyes through his works of superogation, but that  the peace of God can only be attained though the righteousness of Christ , which is credited to the believer for free by simply believing and accepting Christ as the Savior (John 3:16).

The Bible clearly states this reality:  Man cannot save himself due to his sinful nature because such nature does not allow him to comply with God’s law.  Therefore, all humans must depend on the only and exclusive method of salvation God accepts, which is the total dependency on the objective historical, universal and complete acts of God in the Person of Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:19).  This servant of God has received the final revelation concerning the end of times and the results of the Final Conflict.  He has been appointed to reveal and explain the schedule of final events which are about to occur soon (meaning, within a few years): His own vindication (meaning, the astounding miracle of his return in a more youthful body—At this moment he has been taken away to heaven and shall return  anytime according to the Lord’s schedule).

The urgent warning against the so-called Secret Rapture and its close relationship with UFOs (Mathew 24:26), which includes Satan’s fake second coming prior to the true Second Coming of Christ (Mathew 24:15, 24:19). The Final Relocation of the People of God at the end of times (Mathew 24:16, Revelations 6).  Additional information which was kept secret and not revealed to Daniel the prophet nor John the Seer of Pathmos but now revealed to Luiko of Jesus by God’s supreme will.

The Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, will make the whole world understand—in an astounding fashion— that all words declared herein are true and trustworthy in the following manner:

God Almighty of the whole Universe will restore the body, strength and energy of Luiko of Jesus—at the time of his departure he was 72 years old— and he will reappear before the astonished eyes of the world with a youthful body of man on his 20’s or low 30’s.  This amazing sign will draw the attention of the crowds and will be an unequivocal evidence of his legitimacy as God’s true messenger for these final days (Revelations 18:1).

We have declared to you this information beforehand so you can be alert and become an eyewitness of this extraordinary event.  Stay in touch with us in order for you to be prepared to withstand the upcoming Great Tribulation (Mathew 24:21-22).  Join us and be part of his history.  Let us march onward on behalf of the Gospel! Amen!

“Truth is above all mankind; it is neither optional nor negotiable.” 

Luiko of Jesus