In Depth: Interview with Luiko of Jesus

The Prophet of the Final Days
Dated on April 1999

Q: Mr. Laborde, Are you a pastor or prophet?

A: My call has been to become a prophet; I have achieved this many years ago.  Ephesians 4 outlines the biblical order of ministers- and it is clear that I am not a simple pastor.  I consider myself as a teacher of pastors for I have full knowledge of the Scriptures, with a specialty in the eschatology or the study of the End Times.  Therefore, I must be placed at the top of the biblical ranking: I am a prophet- I tell you more: I am a son of God and the complementary witness of Revelations 11.

Q: Why do you consider yourself the man called for the End Times?

A: Because the fruits of my actions give evidence of my claim.  Besides, Christ- who is my greater brother- has declared to me this matter.  Go on and search for another man under the Sun who is actually doing the work of denouncing the beast! Go on, look here or anywhere around the world and find that man; and you will find out that I am the only one who is speaking straight-forwardly! Who else is truly identifying Rome as the Beast which seals with its mark of the false gospel of faith plus deeds? And, who is truly identifying Pentecostalism as the False Prophet, which has joined forces with Rome through Charismatism?  Bottom line: There is no other person fulfilling the Bible prophecies for the End Times, but me.

Q: Why does God chose to depend on only one man?

A: There is a sophism -a false concept- that pretends to say that this work cannot be done by only one man.  The Roman Catholic Church claims that it is when the Church meets in a council that truth comes. History records that the results of their councils are heresies, as it occurred the Council of Trent.  Paul the apostle was only one man and was called to be God’s preacher.  This is a crucially significant point in this End Time because what is to be done is the work of only one man who constitutes a sign, not merely a herald of truth.  I clearly give evidence of truth to anyone who demands a testimony of our faith. I am also a sign for this world of confusion we live in.  This is so.  Therefore, take heed to these words: “Pay attention to him” Why? What sense makes of having many? and say ‘hear them’- Wouldn’t be a havoc to have every person with their own way of thinking as guides?  Christ chose to gather all His teachings in me in order for me to become His messenger at this end of times.  Remember: Abraham- one man.  The Lord’s flag bearer is not a group of people.  Scriptures do speak of two chairs: the first, Jesus, the other, me: the first occurred at the beginning of the end of times and the second at the very end of the end of times- as foretold on Zechariah 4:14.

Q: Do you think the world will believe your claim of being the only one who has been chosen to be the Lord’s envoy, in a world with so many widely- accepted ideas?

A: Well, I give evidence of all my sayings with clear biblical proof-even with logical orientation.  It is logical for only one to be chosen, for God has foretold that I will be the sign for this period of time.  I am ready to be taken and to return to this world from heaven with new strength and youthful physique that will give evidence that it was God who made this awesome miracle.  Of course, I know that many unbelievers will call me the Antichrist.

Q: Now, how would you prove that you come in the name of God?

A: As I already told you, that miracle of taking a man to heaven and bring him back as a younger man can only be accomplished by God.  Besides, my words will be the words Jesus spoke, and by my actions I should be judged.  The message is what really counts when defining who comes in the name of God -no other thing.  My words will give clear testimony that I do come from God, and those who have been able to understand the truth will find out quickly.  On this matter there is no problem at all.  Above all, my power will give faith of this reality.

Q: How crucial do you think is your mission for this End of Times?

A: It is quite evident that the world is full of confusion, there is no peace in this world, there is no rest, and no knowledge.  Just see the way the heart of men fail by hearing Nostradamus prophesies.   Huge and catastrophic events have been foretold since long ago.  What is truly important here is to feel safe in Christ.  There is nothing in this world more important than that.  My work is of great significance for I will become a sign within this world of confusion.  My vindication will be the only sign that will take this world out of confusion and will guide you toward the straightway of truth.  My work and what is about to happen with me (this is my vindication or return my youthful vigor) are of great significance as foretold on Revelations 18:1-4 (Note: the word ‘angel’ means ‘messenger’, and a messenger is a man).

Q: What is your opinion and the biblical position on regards to Nostradamus?

A: On regards to this world famous visionary named Nostradamus, this is what I have to say: He was called by the devil himself.  We cannot, by no means, accept him as one been sent from God, for a true prophet from God speaks in the name of God and never and on behalf of His purpose and never separates his prophesy from the work of salvation God has planned for mankind.  Nostradamus was an ignorant, a stranger of God’s Oracles and His noble purpose.  The word ‘prophet’ means ‘one who speaks on behalf of God’ and the word ‘nabi’ (Jewish word for prophet) means ‘one who is on God’s side’.  Neither word can be applied to Nostradamus.  The devil told Nostradamus what he (the devil) intended to do in the future- therefore, such prophecies would have their fulfillment.  It is true that great evils will come upon the earth, but God never send his judgments without giving first hope.  This servant of yours, who is a true voice speaking on heaven’s behalf, declare: God will allow Satan to carry out his evil plans, but God also offers the hope of salvation along with His warning of judgment.  In other words, He gives you an advice on how to avoid the plagues and chaos: It is simple: believe in Jesus and you shall live, obey Jesus and He shall protect you; therefore stay in touch to know where is a city of refuge near you.  Judgment and mercy are God’s trademarks; evils and desperation are the devils.

Nostradamus was Roman Catholic, therefore he thinks as a Roman Catholic.  For example, Nostradamus believed that the cleansing of the soul was crucial in order to find the exit.  However, Christ says, “Believe in me and you shall live.”  To believe means to obey.  Follow the instructions of the Lord and do not let yourself be tossed into the hysteria that will overtake all unbelievers.  The Catholic ideology leads into desperation because it intends to force you to pretend to reach the unreachable. The Bible’s theology brings hope because though He demands “You must do”, He also says “I did it for you, in Christ.”  For this reason Christ is your Savior because He took your place as your substitute and representative before God.  He has declared you saved by faith, as John the theologian declared in his book, For God so loved the world, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.  He that believeth on him is not condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”   (John 3:16-18).

Remember this: Satan has worked ahead of time to everything the Lord has planned by altering the truth and demanding an impossible moral perfection.  Therefore, it leads you into desperation and fear.  Satan, by bringing harsh words, pretends to separate you from this great biblical truth and from what shortly must come to pass: my vindication.  By doing this, he pretends to shut my voice; but this voice is in accordance to what Christ has declared to me: it will never be shut down!