True Concept of Freedom

“If anyone…”, “all of those who…”, “whosoever…”, “if anyone opens…”, “if anyone hears…”, “if anyone takes…”

The biblical expressions hereby mentioned are clear examples of man’s free will. This means that God respects man’s freedom of choice. In clear and simple words: God imposes neither life nor salvation to man.

Dear readers, the things we are about to consider are necessary in order for you to be able to understand how despicable were the Roman Catholic’s atrocities “in the name of God”. The period of time from the 4th century to the 15th century is known in history as the Dark Ages, particularly for the Church. During the 13th century, the Roman Catholic Church created what they called “The Holy Office” or Inquisitional Court.

Rome pretended to rule the world “in the name of God” but, my God! How widely different can be the methods of God from these haughty heretics! Christ never forced anyone to be a convert to Christianity. Christ accepts those who willingly come to Him. The following biblical passages are a clear testimony by part of Jesus that supports my position and are a  clear evidence on behalf of my words, let us read:

(37) “…and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out.” (John 6:37)

(28) “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
(Matthew 11:28)

(20) “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” (Revelation 3:20)

This is a plain reality that no one with a good sense of reason and objectivity can deny. When God determined to make Himself be accompanied by intelligent beings, He chose to create man according to Christ’s image and likeness. In order to achieve this, it was first imperative to establish a due process by which man would be able to make his own decisions by means of his free will till he reaches a state of independence and moral perfection, which will make him suitable to live in an eternal perfect society.

On the other hand, if God does not establish the said process in time (to develop and prove His creature) then God would be compelled to create “robot-like” or “puppet-like” creatures under the absolute control of their Master. It was not God’s will to create “robots” for Himself, but instead He chose to create free entities capable of loving, sharing, and obeying their Maker-even to become one similar to Him, which implied that the individuals would be able to decide and act according to their free will. This, and only this, required all this process of fall and rescue, through time, by part of God and His creature. In other words, without this due process in time there was no true possibility to achieve this state of liberty, brotherhood and perfection.

A free being is he who has the power to, by his own initiative, follow the road that dictates his own conscience. How then can you explain the coercive, torturing and murdering methods of the Pope’s and Cardinals? I earnestly urge you, my dear readers, to open wide your eyes and try to understand once and for all that these men were never (and will never be) God’s representatives. Those men were vicious murderers led by Satan himself! Our Savior, the humble carpenter of Nazareth, not even had the slightest thought of such methods.

The Roman Catholic Church with their dismal interiors is a clear evidence of what they truly are: dark and mysterious temples known by their sinister chants of mournful organs, so whosoever enters these rooms becomes mesmerized by the mystical gloom of Satan.

Our intent and duty is to bring forth the good news of Christ paying the price of our sins-and this is the Gospel. The Gospel must be the sole foundation of our faith, trust and happiness in such a way that every time we hear the name of Jesus, our hearts can thrill full of joy and muffle up with hope. But when we hear words like“Bishop”, “Cardinals”and “Pope” do not be surprised if the whole place turns dreadful and negative, for they cast no other thing but hell and death.

The U.S. Constitution was created right at the beginning of the existence of the United States of America and it is, without a doubt, God’s inspiration through the men He chose for this purpose. It is this precious document a gift from God to the most glorious nation ever in existence upon the history of this world. This wonderful democratic liberty God has allowed us to enjoy through this nation has been the foundation of the relative happiness that has characterized America since its origin.

Though I was born in Puerto Rico, I proudly proclaim that I am an American by adoption. As son of God and prophet for these final days, I feel great pleasure and happiness to know that my Father sent me to this blessed region of the world. I further affirm, once again, that God created America, its Constitution and its laws. Therefore, I just cannot stand unmoved and senseless knowing that Lucifer’s evil scheme is to destroy the last obstacle that hinders his pretensions: the United States of America and its Constitution.

Zeal for God’s house has eaten me up! Since the day I received this eschatological revelation from my Father, that is, concerning the events to come in these final days, my thoughts have become so troubled that it has not allowed me to live as comfortably in peace as I used to be some time ago.

Today, I have become fainted and distressed as it happened to Daniel the prophet when he saw the vision of the religious power that would persecute the Church (Daniel 8:27), for I am fully aware of Satan’s mischievous plan to deprive America of God’s great gift: The U.S. Constitution. He (Lucifer) knows that the U.S. Constitution implies freedom to preach the Gospel.

To you, my dear readers, we bring another qualified evidence that supports our position. Let us read the following Catholic official declaration I read on an old publication of the Italian Baptist Publishing Association:

“We, the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, hope that all our loyal sons of the church cooperate with our President with the full strength of their hearts to make the members of the U.S. Supreme Court obey the President’s rulings. If necessary, we will change, alter, or even suppress today’s Constitution in order to allow the President to impose his, or better said, our humanitarian agenda, and all aspects of human rights according to what it has been proposed and established by our Holy Popes and the Holy Mother Church.”

“We elected our noble President. We will create our own laws and impose them according to the Holy Seed, the Popes and the Canon Law of the Papal Throne. All the structures of our society must be rebuilt upon this foundation. Our educative laws must be construed in order to cast atheism, the Red danger of Totalitarianism, Protestantism, Communism, Socialism and any similar types out of this beautiful land.” (Aurora Magazine , Italian Baptist Publishing Association, Philadelphia, PA. Extracted from the magazine: The Last Warning of the Heralds of Truth, page 11.)

Notice this: The Roman power intends to eliminate Protestantism from America and the rest of the world! This evangelical Protestantism was chosen by those men who founded and established the American Nation, and it has helped develop the way of thinking of this democratic society. This is something every good American keeps with zeal within his heart. How outrageous these evils Catholics are! Beware of Rome, Mr. President!

But worse of all, the past statement establishes that this ominous power has openly declared that it is in their agenda to destroy the glorious Constitution that God, not man, established. Dear readers, we hereby establish that this glorious concept of liberty known in America is the one God has been identified with. It is, therefore, evident that to allow such revocation would be to fight against God and work on behalf of Satan.

I am ready to stand firm and fight with the full strength of my heart on behalf of Christ’s place in the United States, even when it may imply my own death in this evil present age that is, without a doubt, under Lucifer’s control. As son of God, and as a true Christian, I love peace-I have never been known for using physical violence to achieve my goal. Therefore, it is not through physical violence which I fight but through the Written Word, and my mission is to open wide the eyes of the many. For this reason, my mission is stationed in the United States. For now as the third angel I will feed and nourish the woman in the wilderness (This woman -who is the Church-houses the remnant, Revelation 12:14).

A Wicked Plan

It is known by most that Rome pretends to overtake the whole world, particularly America. Allah or Lucifer is pressing the Roman power to move their chips in order to achieve the ideological control of the planet. In order to succeed he promotes ideas which seem positive and satisfy the logical, reasonable intellect of man-this is, a “Christian” unity which leads to establish a worldwide ecumenism ruled by the Pope. It is more than obvious the fact that this “Christian” unity is against God’s will. God will divide the world in two groups: Catholics (who are the offspring of Cain) and Evangelicals (who are the offspring of Abel); in other words, those who stand on the ground of their own worthiness and deeds (Laodiceans) and those who truly depend in Christ (Evangelical Protestants).

Remember: This ECUMENISM is the product of man’s imagination. Rome pretends to establish it, and its end is to revoke the U.S. Constitution, for such document contains the greatest obstacle Christ put on their way in the United States: Freedom of religion. This way, they will achieve that which is now impossible to accomplish: AN ABSOLUTE RELIGIOUS DOMINION OF THE WHOLE WORLD.

Remember also that Christ declares that this world belongs to Lucifer, who Jesus called “the ruler of this world” (John 14:30) and who pretended to entice Christ with all the world’s riches if Christ acknowledged him (Matthew 4:8-9).

Dear readers, the following evidence is a Catholic statement which proves that Rome is liked-minded to Lucifer:

“It is already time for all of us, Christians, to unite despite our differences of creed and traditions, in order to establish a common cause to influence our society.” (Chuck Colson, Evangelical Catholics , 1990. Ibid pg.10.)

The reality is, my dear American friends and brethren, that, despite Rome’s distorting assail, the United States is destined to become the geo-political system founded upon the Gospel Christ strongly upholds and supports. Bottom line: Never forget that to be a Catholic is to be against the Gospel.