The Vindication of Luiko of Jesus: Final Sign from God to the World

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The Real Facts on regards to the Final Prophetic Call

This is a presentation of the fact about the final prophetic duty, which has been inspired by God through His chosen man.

The True Pentecost

Within Pentecostal circles their is an emphasis in the descent of the Spirit as a miracle machine and one that induces the believer to speak in tongues. Now, we ask, what are tongues good for today? Good for nothing, only to hinder the preaching of the gospel and create a confusing and chaotic atmosphere.

Faith: The Only Method for Salvation

The Scripture declares that the only reliable criteria to identify the true origin of any given spirit is the objective and historical Gospel of the salvation in Christ (1 John 4:1-3); and we shall not judge anything by sight or outer appearances.

Rome: a Church deeply ill with Pedophilia

The best and only choice the Catholic Church has is to confess thier institutional sins and ask for God's forgiveness for stealing tittles and assuming prerrogatives that never belong to them. This is the only way my big brother Christ can forgive them.

The Gospel and the Healings

Miracles or signs and wonders are not a reliable evidence of being in good standing before God, for Satan is also capable of performing deceptive signs and startling miracles. The Lord Jesus never intended to gain popularity for performing miracles. They never were intended to be used as a…

In Depth: Analysis of the Prophecy of Daniel 8:14

In this article we intend to continue the in-depth analysis of the prophecy of Daniel 8:14 that as a result of the Adventist interpretation, has become a cruel teaching that is contrary to the year 31A.D.when Christ died on the cross of Calvary.